We cannot accept continued violence

The mayor said he's fed up with senseless gun violence and called for stronger laws to help prevent violent people from getting guns

"Until we address the availability and ease of access to firearms, we will always be fighting an uphill battle" - Kenney

South Street area of Philadelphia, killing at least three people and wounding 11 others

Several active shooters in a popular Philadelphia area left three people dead and 11 others wounded.

The two handguns were recovered at the scene, including one with an extended magazine. There were no arrests made in connection with the shooting.

The police department said the victims were Gregory Jackson, 34; Alexis Quinn, 27; and a 22-year-old man whose name was not yet being released.

Hundreds of people were in the South Street area just before gunshots were fired.

Yet again, we see lives that were senselessly lost and those injured. Another horrifying, brazen and despicable act of gun violence has occurred.

when the gun violence end in america? Still a Question